This Artist animates People into Super Adorable Googly-Eyed Characters

We have always fallen in love with a good transformation. Not only is it interesting to see the drastic change in a person but its also amusing to study the reaction of people. In this case, an illustrator converts people into a giant-eyed cartoon character, flooring us with the bare cuteness of the results. You will instantly go googly-eyed for these illustrations.

The illustrations are created by the cartoonist named Julio Cesar and to be frank, he is simply fantastic.


1. Eating cake has never been this lively.

2. Smile for the camera, young lady.

3. When two amazing ladies are in one single frame.

4. Those eyes can steal anyone’s heart.

5. The snowy glaze is alluring as heck.

6. This girl’s transformation into an animated character is quite enticing.

7. Such a cute and curvy lady.

8. The pretty parrot looks like a talker.

9. “Hello kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.”

10. The group of friends seems to be a gang of posers.

11. This girl has very pretty hair.

12. The tiara is accentuating her beauty.

13. What’s better than real food? Animated food.

14. Taking a bath amid all those pretty flowers.

15. What they say is right. Girls with specs are cute.

16. Those freckles are so starry.

17. When has wearing cap ever been this cute?


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